New 3 in 1 source code and various developments

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    Not sure if this is the correct forum but due to a hardware shortage some of the new 3 in 1's will need to have code recompiled to work (older/existing cards should be fine)
    Original topic.
    I will post it over at GBAdev soon but if someone else wants to that would be great.

    Original post from Windirt (EZ????? on the .cn forums or Admin from the old now defunct .cn English forums)
    Windirt also frequently makes an appearance in #ez-flash on (not the original #ezflash one on same network) during Chinese work hours if you want to discuss it.

    In other news the GBA xcode list (what is used for soft reset, cheats, in game save..... for the built in functions) was updated to rom 2600 (the EZTeam use an odd list so it pretty much means the latest roms)

    The EZ5 update was already posted.

    And the EZ4 got updates around (Western) new years that did not spread too far (that I saw): (I will shortly get around to bundling the lot up for everyone)

    Everyone should now be using the unaligned read DLDIs for the EZ4/5 too (old news but problems for some still occur):