EZFlash Omega source code released.

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    As promised in the recent update the EZFlash team have released the source code to the loader for their EZFlash Omega flash cart for the GBA.
    In the release thread they say this has been made to use the popular devkitpro toolchain as opposed to the leaked, and rather cumbersome, official GBA SDK a lot of older GBA homebrew used. The license favoured here is the Apache License 2.0, a fairly permissive license as these things go.

    Earlier this year the EZTeam have released the source code to their GBA era EZ3 flash cart and its attendant Windows software, note this is not to be confused with the EZ 3 in 1 flash cart/expansion pack, which also had source code and access libraries and example code made available.

    While the EZ Omega is feature rich, and plays just about every game out there as it would have on the original hardware, we do still eagerly await what refinements and alterations the community will make to what is easily one of the top GBA flash carts available. As such if you do make a build then please do share it with us or get in contact with one of the news team here.

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