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    To unlocking ness in SSBB was recently released on here it is

    -must play 5 matches in Brawl
    -must reflect 10 projectiles
    -must get Ness to join your party in Subspace Emmissary

    note:must find Ness and beat him in brawl before unlocking him after you complete the three tasks

    His Moves

    -Ness's Special Moves
    Standard Special Move PK Flash
    Side Special Move PK Fire
    Up Special Move PK Thunder
    Down Special Move PSI Magnet
    Final Smash PK Starstorm


    Let’s take PK Thunder, a move which both Lucas and Ness can perform. Sure, the move may look similar, but there are quite a few differences between these two versions of the move.

    Lucas’s PK Thunder passes through enemies. Ness’s does not.

    Lucas’s PK Thunder is easier to control and can turn in a tighter circle. Ness’s, by contrast, needs more space to turn around but moves at a greater speed.

    When propelled into an opponent by his own PK Thunder, Lucas scores multiple small hits. Ness smashes the opponent with a single hit that sends the opponent flying!

    Of course, the moves that look different also work differently as well.

    Ness’s side smash is a bat that requires a lot of start up time to get swinging but really hits hard.

    Only Ness uses a yo-yo for his up and down smashes.

    His PK Fire bursts into a column of flame that can score multiple hits!

    Ness’s PK Starstorm causes blue stars to rain down and out in a wide fan-shaped pattern.

    You’ll need to log lots of time with him and really know his moves to really put him to good use, I bet.

    sorry If you already know this...
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    Dec 20, 2006
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