Need to be sure on how to install the 4.0

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    Nov 16, 2006
    I checked the other topic but all those people with the wiikey and everything else just serve to confused me. I found this on

    1. You have HBC installed (cant be reinstalled once at 4.0, so dont delete it by accident.) Also, HBC can not be run like vc/ww on the sd card.

    2. Have the latest cIOS.

    3. Install and patch ios 60. (You need this in order to install wads and play you "special" wad on the memory card. Also, its required if you eventually want to downgrade back to 3.2) You can get it from here.

    (Courtesys of James Burt (A.K.A KongsNutz & SecretPanther),, ppc_gba & Jacobeian from

    The link doesnt contain illegal file, it just downloads ios60 from Nintendo and patches it. Don't download ios61 or the shop channel. THey will be given to you once you use the updater.

    Some guy was commenting on it. So I'm assuming the latest CIOS is the Custom IOS36 rev8 correct? Then he gives a link to a ios 60 to install wads and stuff and be able to downgrade right? Can I trust that link? I'm not sure if I can and don't wanna mess up my wii. Anywayys last but not least I run the wanikako 4.0 Update and it should update only the necessary IOS's right? Will I need to uninstall Starfall? If so then can I install it agian once I'm done updating?

    Sorry if this is extremly noobish but unlike the PSP the wii hacking scene is a little more spread out so it cuases me more confusion.