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    i bought a 360 from ebay that had RRoD. I fixed it and formated the HDD. I can not get onto live because I am on hughes net and will exceed my download limit.(we really live out in the sticks) My 360 will never be online. Can i transfer my brothers content and profile to my 360 with the transfer kit and it work. i bought some left 4 dead DLC and would like it on my 360. I know it would be as easy as going to his house and use his net, but my 360 is 1st gen and his is only about 1 year old, different plugs. Also mine is loomed together and i dont want to break all that apart. He says he doesnt mind, i just dont want to mess up his content. If i transfer his profile and content will it mess him up from being online. Thanks for any help.
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    I don't think its possible for dlc, you can transfer profile, save data and what not through. DLC has too be redownloaded. If you do not know how to use the transfer cable and software you can use a memory card or update your dashboard to 9199, or update on xbox live and use a blank usb flash drive as a memory card to transfer it over.

    If you screw up his profile he can simply redownload it on xbox live with the recover gamertag button. But save data cannot be recovered if they are lost.
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