Need Help! R4 sdhc?

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    I just got one of these R4 hdsc cards (i know big mistake) but when I download the files to put on the card and then put the card in my DS, it says "cant find sd/tf card" no matter what different verision I download and put in my micro sd card this is what it says. Can someone please help me. Thanks
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    Wrong Section

    And are you using a San Disk? Well formated?
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    Because of the R4 SDHC being a Clone, not everything is perfect, as well as not telling you everything about it. SOME of the SDHC R4 flash carts are compatible with SDHC, some aren't, depends on where you got it. If it was a good clone, it will have compatibility with SDHC Micro SD, but not with all cards. You might also have to format your SDHC card by putting it into your pc somehow, usually by USB transfer, Go into My Computer, Right click the drive it is in, & press format. I don't know much about the actual SDHC cards, but there should be at least 1 other format option (ex: My R4DS Vol. 2 works with FAT or also called FAT16 pretty well, but works best with FAT32 format, it reads better in that format.). If that doesn't help, i'm sorry, you most likely have this wrong with it. I would suggest to do these in the order given, unless another option would please you first.

    1. You did not get the right firmware OR don't have it in the right spot on the SDHC card. To fix this, make sure you have an R4 SDHC firmware, most like something like 1.23 or something around that. Also make sure that the file isn't in the folder called English, or whatever language you want the firmware to be in. Make sure you have all of the contents of the folder with the name of the language extracted to the root of the SD card (the root is the very beginning of the card). In the root, it should have something like a System Folder, Folder called Moonshl, _DS_MENU.dat file, & anything extra for the R4DS SDHC. Attempt to play it after doing this.

    2. If that doesn't work, it is possible that you have some file or rom that doesn't like the SDHC R4. Check through the roms to make sure you don't have any bad dumps (find out how online), & make sure you didn't use an older rom trimmer. If you didn't trim any roms, you didn't patch any of them, & it shows that one doesn't have a value somewhat like 8mb,16mb, 32mb, 64mb, 96mb, or 128mb, it could be a corrupt or unfinished-ripped rom. If there are any, find a new one online & replace it. Most likely, this isn't the problem of your non, reading sdhc card, but its possible. If you have to do this, attempt to do it again.

    3. If its still not working, your SDHC card might not be compatible. Get a different card, format it, then get it ready for the R4 SDHC. Put everything u had on ur old one on ur new one. Now try it.

    4. If none of the above works, my only other solution is to get a new Flash Cart. I would suggest an R4-III from The R4-III is the best clone out. It has SDHC compatibility, & its only approx. $15. I have heard that the Acekard2 is the best & cheapest flash cart for DS (about $12), but i know nothing about it, so i am not suggesting it myself. For more on that, search for Acekard2 in the forums, see what u can find on it, if its as easy to use as R4 is.

    I hope this helps in any way.
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    I found it! OMG I found it! Praise the internet! Praise google!

    Download the firmware for the sdhc for R4 at

    I just tried it and it was gold!

    Also I found to format 2gb and under at FAT and over 2gb at FAT32. IDK if that was correct or not, but that's what I did with the new firmware dl's and I have my games now - yeah!
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    there is also the download section of this forum.