Need find changes in some registers (vWii) help

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    Hi, guys I'm trying to capture some change in system menu, but not sure where/how start.
    I'll explain, in vWii menu (as Wii menu) you can notice there's some kind of deflicker filter on, it's not very noticeable but I'm sure it's there. When you go to SD card menu, click on some game (don't start it), then exit to SD card menu again you can notice how the deflicker goes off (sharper image), this change in video will transfer to vWii/Wii menu, until reboot or game load.

    So my question is, it's possible track where this video change is being stored, sysmenu.txt? can you mod it, and make it permanent, like disable deflicker, or enable it?
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    It doesn't happen here, it is always deflicker, using a regular Wii with 4.2u SM. Though I doubt this, I've seen it before in Sonic Unleashed during the title screen, settings screen and file select all have deflicker but the main menu and gameplay doesn't.

    Best way to prove that what you see is deflicker is to use 480i and get close to the TV, then load something that doesn't use it, like Netflix.
    The difference will be quite clear. The Home Menu is also a useful indicative for this kind of thing even when telling apart 30/60fps, because it's almost always the same graphics and animation.
  3. OriginalHamster

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    Nov 2, 2008
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    You can test it in message board, go to redact a message, the deflicker turns off, even if you go back to system menu the video mode transfer over Wii menu.

    I'm sure system menu is working with 2 video modes, funny thing the same happens on vWii.
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    Well I know in Super Smash Bros. Brawl there is an option to turn deflicker on/off, that may be a good place to start based on all the brawl modding software that exists.
  5. FIX94

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    I've also added a deflicker off/on option for every gc game in nintendont so I can already say that its not difficult todo.