Need a "mega pirates" help

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Slimmmmmm, Nov 13, 2009.

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    I need help from someone that has zillions of save files for Wii games and Wiiware etc on their Wii.

    If you fit the bill can you get this:

    Run it and make me a HUGE list ?

    This app does this
    "Possibility to backup all installed titles in a TXT into SD root: will be written the Title ID, ASCII Code, Type, Name and required IOS! "

    It results in a file with lines like....

    ID: 00010000-53584150 - ASCII Code: SXAP - Type: Disc Game Title (savedata) - Name: Guitar Hero World Tour - IOS required: IOS37

    I'm not planning anything fancy, just a DB that will make using savegame manger (00010000-53584150) or navigating the /private folder (SXAP) on the SD card easier, of course I may as well add IOS required too.

    (I've looked at wiitdb etc, but it doesn't have all the info needed)

    You can either send me a pm, or pastiebin etc.

    If anyone can help thanks in advance.