Hacking NDS Carts not working on O3DS


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Aug 26, 2015
Old problem was:

""""Old 3DS U , unknown previous firmware
All console lights turning on, but console won't start when the power button is pressed
Force Update doesn't work
NTRBoot works, I could acess latest GodMode9 and successfully CTRTransfered a 11.5U OLD.bin CRTNAND image using GodMode. Followed this guide:

I was Still getting Black screen after ctrnand transfer so Fixed It by following This tutorial:

New problem is that none of my 3 NDS cartridges Works (3DS cartridge Works). When In tried to play them, got Black screen + Home Menu sounds. Haven't done any softmod since The unbrick. After It The only thing I did was update from 11.5 ctrnand to 11.6 using System Settings

How to fix This New problem?
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