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    Should be region free. AP25 and wave unknown (LT+ is now out though in case you missed it). Do note street date is not until next week in the US and sometime next year in Europe.

    Apologies if the subtitle misled this is not an MX vs ATV title (there is no entry this year) but one with ATVs (quad bikes) and MX bikes featuring heavily (all that I have seen seems to indicate that it is focused around ATVs rather than MX bikes). This games comes courtesy of Techland who are most noted for the Call of Juarez series and a bit further back the rather underrated Chrome, both of those were FPS but they do have the fairly good Xpand Rally under their belt.

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    Do note the video is filmed from a screen rather than straight up captured- the other trailers were a bit gameplay light. Have a look at one of them if you want to see actual graphics.

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