MT's late 2.2 frimware

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    Feb 19, 2014
    1. For NAND-emulate. Support the latest version 9.2.0-20. You can enter Eshop and play the latest games after update. For more details, please read the provided instruction with the update package.
    2. Support DEVMENU. When you enter DEVMENU menu, you can install CIA files from SD card, and you can also enter the game via DEVMENU

    Why did I even buy mt in the first place
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    i know right? why did you buy mt card in the first place its finally up to par with gateway you waited months for saving just a few dollars ive had all these features u waited for for quite a while now but gateway will soon have support for 9.2 systemfirmware and im sure down the line will have support for gba roms etc something mt wont be able to pry from them for a long while