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Jul 3, 2007
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QUOTE said:
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Densetsu3000 said:
Here's a quick translation. I didn't do a full, word-for-word translation, but the main message is there. QUOTEI imagined the next several years of my life would gradually beat me half to death with weak punches, but I just took a huge blow and am now on the verge of death. Moonlight here. Good evening.

I was promised many things over the phone with the company president, but they didn't deliver. I was told that if I had anything to say, I should say it directly. So I'll give it to you straight!
[see xjenova's post]

Yes! I created M3 Sakura! If you buy and use it, you can get firmware that plays commercial games! But I haven't tried it myself! Yes, I know that it plays games! You would think that if I could create Sakura, I would at least know about that! I even went all the way to China because they told me some of the bugs couldn't be fixed! For 3 weeks!...
Even if Sakura sells I won't see a single yen of the profits...

I have decided to stop developing for the DS. For the longest time I've been putting up with crap, so there, I've said it directly...

I have put up with a lot of animosity over this matter, and there are probably a lot of people who would be happy if I died. Well, goodbye.

Don't bother sending mail. I'll just delete them without reading them.
Reading the first and last couple lines, it almost sounds like a suicide note
Probably not though. At least, I hope not.

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Well, he has got some good reasons everybody understands... Let's hope some softwarecompany hires him...
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