Homebrew MMORPG Quick guide.


Jan 14, 2009
United States
For those who are having a hard time figuring it out, here's the guide to my game, which is at

Here's the playing screen:

Move horizontally and vertically by tapping a space in the direction you want to go.
You cannot move through objects. Should be obvious

Move onto portals to enter the next area.
Enemies CAN attack if you are in range, so watch out.

First Fight:
1. Find an easy monster:

Go south through the portal from the starting room, then walk onto the lone tree in the room with the river.

2. Tap the mouse:

3. Open up the "Selected Info" tab:

Here you'll see all the stats and the name of the player or monster you selected.
Tap the "Fight" button to start fighting!

4. Open the "Battle info" tab to get updates on the fight progress:

Sometimes you find items when you kill a monster:

Just click the items to add them to your inventory. If you forget to click them and you close the "Found Items" window, no worries.
Just open up the Inventory:

Stand where the enemy was, and click the "Search" button. This will find the items that the enemy drops, as well as any items left by previous players on that spot.

Also, in the inventory, when you click an item, you will get options:
1. Use (only available with usable items)
2. Equip (only available with equippable items)
3. Drop (drops on to the ground where you stand. other players can pick it up. deleted after a period of time)
4. Stack (some items cannot stack. click an item, click "Stack", then click another item of the same type to stack them together)
5. Split (enter a number to seperate from the stack in the box to the right, then click the button to split the stacked items)

When you kill monsters, you get statcoins. In the same room as the mouse, you'll notice a black figure in the middle (unless the mouse has run him over

Click him and a window will pop up:

Here you can use statcoins to buy Strength, Defense, HP and Level ups!
Level ups also increase the other stats by a little.

Remember to check your chat often!
Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as possible.

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