Messed up O3DS with A9LH and Luma on 11.4

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    May 15, 2017
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    Hey Guys,

    I think I have messed up my 3DS.
    I softmodded the 3DS a couple of weeks ago with - Now I wanted to play again, but it need to be updated.
    So I did. After that all my Titel are gone, Homebrew as same as Retails. Only FBI V1.4.7 was left.
    So I deleted only the Titels from the SD Card and start download my Games again.
    Now I noticed Im running in EmuNAND instead of SysNAND. Both are on 11.4.0.

    To make things clear I write down my boot Options:
    No SD-Card ................. = Sys 11.4.0
    With SD-Card ............... = Emu 11.4.0
    With SD-Card holding (R) ... = EmuS 11.4.0
    Now I have everything installed on Emu 11.4.0. (Homebrew, TikShop, Themly, etc) and cleaned the Sys 11.4.0 with the broken Shortcuts and restored the original Design.

    PS: I deleted the HB Channel, FBI and Luma Updater from the Sys 11.4.0 cause I got them on Emu 11.4.0.

    Everything is running right and I havent noticed any bugs or problems.

    Will that a be problem for me in future as Im running on EmuNAND instead of SysNAND?
    Everywhere anyone are only talking about SysNAND, so thats why Im a bit confused now.

    Thank you!
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    Mar 17, 2010
    There's no problem using emuNAND, but it boots slower. You can easily move emuNAND to sysNAND by following
  3. DerShorty

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    May 15, 2017
    Gambia, The
    Thats good to hear. :)
    That it has a slower Speed isn't noticeable for me.

    At first I would stay at EmuNAND and read a bit more about the NAND things.

    Thank you!