Mega Man X collection sound error

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    Recently, i downloaded the Mega Man X collection with hopes of beating all the mega man games (already beat 1-7) and after i beat X1, as soon as i moved on to X2, i noticed a wierd sound bug. When you shoot your lemons out, everything sounds fine, but when you hit an enemy, the sound cuts out, and comes back, but its really quick so it sounds almost normal. But nay, it is not normal, i looked up gameplay, and even downloaded a snes emulator on my computer, and the sound error is non existant... Some people may think its a small deal to complain about, but im a huge sound guy, i listen to the sound design in alot of games, and it really bugs me...if anyone can come up with a fix, or even find out if they have the same issue, it would be greatly appreciated :) (Edit:also, when i enable the option "force progressive" it cuts the screen in half, until i start up one of the games)
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    Just a hint: They have remastered the Track on the X Collection - you can't compare X2 with the SNES Version if you want to compare the sound effects. Therefore it may be, that the hit will cancel the sound effect.