Mass Effect 2's Shadow Broker DLC coming Sept. 7th

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    Last week at Gamescom 2010 in Germany, Electronic Arts announced that the critically adored Mass Effect 2 would be ported to the PlayStation 3 next year. But before Commander Shepard can grace Sony's machine, he's going to travel to the Shadowbroker's lair.

    Last month BioWare announced the Lair of the Shadow Broker downloadable content with scant details. Today, however, the developer clarified the content much further. A post on the BioWare Social Network today pegs the DLC to drop on September 7 for 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 and $10 on the PC.

    Liara and Shepard team up again in the new DLC.

    BioWare also announced details on what gamers can expect if they choose to download the expansion. The Shadow Broker DLC will pack in five new achievements to collect, new research, and the Shadow Broker intelligence center.

    Additionally, BioWare reintroduces players to Shepard's blue-skinned comrade Liara T'Soni in the upcoming content. Following Commander Shepard's apparent death at the beginning of the sequel, his blue-skinned comrade Liara T'Soni clashed with the mysterious shadow broker over the remains of the commander's body. And in the Shadow Broker DLC, Shepard and Liara will again fight together, this time however, at the lair of the broker of shadows.

    Lair of the Shadow Broker follows June's Overlord downloadable content, which added five planets to the galaxy, each of which is explorable using the Hammerhead tank, a vehicle first introduced in the game's Firewalker pack.

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    Still need to get the rest of the Mass Effect 2 DLC but it's all supposed to be excellent. Hopefully this one will bring Liara back to the team and evolve the Liara/Sheppard love plot in the first game (if you pursued her instead of Ashley or Kaiden).
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    I romanced Liara in ME1, and was ubersad when she wouldn't join my team for 2 (WRYYYY)
    But thanks to Bioware, who are now adding her back [​IMG]
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    Wooo! I might have to play through again with a file when I am loyal to Liara. I still have to get around to beating Overlord. Too much of a back catalouge of games.
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    I'll probably replay ME2 when ME3 is out so I could play all the DLC since I finished ME2 when only some armor and 2 weapon DLC were out and the fire-grenade guy (forgot his name).