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Dec 17, 2007
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I think I'm going to pick up a M3 Lite for the new micro I'm getting. I usually use my G6 Lite for my GBA needs. I love the G6 Lite. It plays every GBA game perfectly, has RTC, and RTS. But I hate the GBA menu on the G6 Lite.

So my question is, how is the GBA menu on the M3 Lite? For the G6 Lite GBA menu, there's two styles you can pick. One way it displays these 70x55 icons for each game. Which that is a pretty display. I have to make icons for a lot of the games though. And the other way is just a plain list display. Which I would rather use the plain list display on any cart, but the menu only displays the internal rom header name. Which the internal names for some games are really weird. Some games you can't even tell what game it is, because the internal header name is so messed up.

And also you navigate through the GBA menu by a cursor. Which is kind of a downer.

I'm trying to find some pics of the GBA menu(or the GBA menu in action) on the M3 Lite, but not having any luck.

So does the GBA menu display the actual names of the roms, and not the internal header name? Will it display whatever name I give for the rom? Does it display long names?

And my other question is, the M3 Lite pretty much has 100% GBA compatibility right? So I don't have to worry about any games not playing? And one more thing, it does have real time clock and real time save right?

Well, any info I can get will be really appreciated.

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