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Jan 7, 2015
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Hey guys, I figured I'd update you on my ROM Hack I started here over a year ago - things have blown up and the name has changed from "Luminescent Diamond" to "Luminescent Version" to "Luminescent Platinum" - when I first posted it, we had so little idea what all would be possible, now we can literally add the entire national dex. So here's a little sneak preview, I hope you come join the discord and check us out. Thank you for all your wonderful support over the past year. You guys are why we are where we are now.


(Please note that this was a test of a rig insertion, thus the name/cry - this is now updated to be a fully working new Pokemon)

Originally inspired by Drayano's one and only Renegade Platinum, Luminescent Platinum brings you a next-generation Platinum experience to your TV (or your Nintendo Switch console directly!) Here's just a few of the things you can look forward to:

Rebalanced Gameplay:
Full Rebalances: Restored Moves:
  • This has only just started, but many of the moves that Generation 8 cut for seemingly no reason have been restored to the game (albeit with the tackle animation being used as a placeholder for now. "Btlseq" files have yet to be researched.)

Move Tutors:

  • New (free!) move tutors have been added to the house west of Pastoria.

Grass Encounters:
  • Mostly match Renegade Platinum (including Honey Trees); however, some slight balancing choices have been made, and more importantly, we have added an item called the Incense Burner, which allows you to find Regional Forms of Pokemon in the wild. You can view our documentation here. IMPORTANT: Make a copy of the document to your local drive to be able to use the drop-downs.

Static/Legendary Pokemon:
  • All Renegade Platinum static Pokemon have been included, with some of our own added on (like Crystal Onix, "Stitched" Gengar, and more!), and each of them can be fought until captured so you can use the runaway method to Shiny Hunt! Some of the legendaries have had their location slightly shifted, so be sure to check our documentation for more information.

Gift Pokemon:
  • All Gift Pokemon from Renegade Platinum have been put into Luminescent, including the gift Eevee at the start, starter reporters, random baby egg, Beldum, etc.
Extra Notes:
  • All egg hatch cycles have been reduced to their minimum, meaning that all eggs will hatch within a couple of steps.
  • Riolu evolution method changed: level up while knowing Aura Sphere.
  • Sellable items have been added to certain Pokémon to farm money easier (Clamperl now holds pearl/big pearl, Kantonian Meowths hold nuggets, and Poliwhirls hold Pearl Strings).
  • Spiritomb NPC requirement is removed.
  • Mesprit and Cresselia are no longer roamers.
  • All in-game trades have been updated to match Renegade Platinum.
  • Mew and Jirachi gifts in Floaroma have been completely disabled.

Trainer Changes:
New Parties:
  • Almost every battle has been updated from its Renegade Platinum counterpart. Temporary boss documentation can be found here (only goes up to Fantina, full documentation will be added soon).
  • All trainer teams have 25 IVs and neutral natures.
Trainer Placement:
  • Trainer placement adjusted to match RP counterparts, allowing for more potential double-battles!
Boss Fight Changes:
  • Boss fights (Barry, Gym Leaders, Cyrus in the Distortion Room, and Elite Four) now pick between one of four teams randomly.
  • After the Cyrus fight in Celestic, all important battles (Ace Trainers, Gym Trainers, Gym Leaders, Galactic Commanders, Cyrus, Rival, E4, and Cynthia fights) have 31 IVs, and complementary natures/EV spreads.
  • A fight with Bertha has been added to the Veilstone Department store to receive Earthquake's TM.
  • An experience trainer has been added to Eterna City before the Jupiter Fight.
  • Experience and EV Trainer from Renegade Platinum is in Solaceon Nursery (this is based on story flags, you will unlock higher-level Blissey teams later in the story).
  • The name rater has been changed to an Abra collector that will give you unlimited amounts of mints based on Abras with certain natures that you show him.
  • Jan (Pokemon Challenges) will give you Everlasting Mints in the trainer school in Jubilife if you tell him that you cheat.

Item Changes:
Field Items:
  • All field items match RP placements and contained goodies.
  • Shards have been replaced with items that actually have purposes.
Hidden Items:
  • Hidden items being adjusted to match RP placements (Please notify us of any field items that give "none" items, are providing the wrong items, or are completely missing).
  • TMs are now infinite use.
  • TMs have been changed to be obtained where they are in Renegade Platinum.
  • Explosion is now sold by a shady salesman in Veilstone.
  • This is a work in progress; please let us know if any TMs are missing.
  • Some TM descriptions may not yet be updated to match this (I.E., Hidden Power may have Workup's description).
  • TMs are no longer purchasable due to being obtained through the course of the game.
Evolution Items:
  • Non-stone evolution items are purchasable in Snowpoint at Mindy's house.
  • Veilstone F3 now sells evolution stones, Hard Stone, and Everstone.
Other Items:
  • An 'Item Fanatic' in Floaroma awards items that boost a specific Pokemon upon seeing that Pokemon (For example, show them a Pikachu and receive a Light Ball, etc.).
  • Rare berry trader in R208 (west of Hearthome).
  • EV-Reducing berry trader in the Solaceon Nursery.
  • Heart Scale trader in Pastoria (Ability Capsules, Patches, (Golden) Bottle Caps, Exp. Share, Mints).
  • All outfits are unlocked by default.

Story & Underground Changes
  • Renegade Platinum story reproduced all the way up to the post-game legendaries.
  • This does not include the Distortion World due to technical limitations of the engine.
  • The battle frontier is also not (yet?) included due to the small team size for exefs modders and the relative infancy of mapping.
  • The intro sequence has been completely overhauled - you will now receive the running shoes immediately, and the bike, National Dex, PokeRadar, following Pokemon, IV Judge, DS Sounds, and every Poketch app before Roark.
  • Gift items match Renegade Platinum (Roark gives an evolution stone, Bike Man gives a Dawn Stone, etc.).
  • This bears mentioning again the story matches Renegade Platinum - this means that Fantina is the third gym and that Gardenia is on Route 216.
  • Most cut trees, strength boulders, and rock smash rocks have been removed.
  • All starters are unlocked in Underground from start.
  • Bike works in the Underground.
  • Wait for Diglett/Dugtrio to disappear, as they are not able to be passed through with the bike.
  • Increased Diglett/Dugtrio odds.

Technical Changes
  • Technically compatible with save files from previous Luminescent version (However, we would still suggest starting a new game for 2.0, as this is essentially a whole new mod.)
  • Continuing to adjust textures to match Platinum feel.
  • Both Galactic HQ outside models restored to Platinum glory!
  • 60FPS and 1.15x speedup (May cause some NPCs to run in place.)
  • 1/512 shiny odds
  • True size + battle camera fix.
  • New animations for many Pokemon (and sky battle affected Pokemon may now rest their weary, previously T-Posing wings.)
  • Actions in battle will play before the text box dismisses entirely for faster fights.
  • HG/SS-style following Pokemon (they no longer lag behind you and constantly teleport back to you every few seconds.)
  • Depth of Field (DoF) effect is removed.
  • All trade evolutions can now be achieved via level-up or using trade items as evolution stones.
  • Honey trees are instant (known bug: can still move between slathering and encounter, please don't leave the map.)
  • Clothing can be changed at any PC (both male/female costumes are selectable, while retaining initial choice's pronouns.)
  • Move Relearner functionality available from party menu (Pokémon needs to be high enough level to have more than 4 moves learnable.)
  • Hidden Power now displays its type in menus and battle (it will only show as "Normal" until after the Pokémon has learned it.)
  • Nickname your pokémon from the party menu anywhere
  • EXP Share can be toggled on/off at a PC (default off)
  • Affection can be toggled on/off at a PC (default off) (Affection does not affect happiness evolutions or friendship mechanics like Return or Frustration.)
  • Level Caps can be toggled on/off at a PC (default off) (Only go as high as the next gym's "ace" level!)
  • Level caps list:
    • Roark16
    • Gardenia26
    • Fantina33
    • Maylene39
    • Wake44
    • Byron53
    • Candice56
    • Volkner62
    • Cynthia78
    • Postgame100

(this is due to them being over 700MB in size, so I can't upload it here)


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Oct 3, 2021
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Guess I should explain. I'm a co-owner of the project and was teasing TTiN. But hey, I'm surprised no one else has said anything. I'm still constantly hyped about this project!
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Nov 15, 2014
do you know how I could get it as a standalone nsp with its own banner ? I would also keep brilliant diamond as well as LP.
I played for 1h and I love it.

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