Luigi's Mansion Dolphin Code Thread

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    Hi this thread is for codes for Pal and USA versions of Luigi's Mansion,
    I will not take credit of codes because they could have been found before me.
    All Codes you see have been found by multiple people so credits to them,
    Names on the side of the code for people who found the code, Let me know if you found new codes with evidence and i will add them too the List.
    Luigi's mansion Code List
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    Ride Poltergust 3000,,Aaronhoffer,
    040BAD0C 38000001

    Makes Ceiling Ghost more uncommon, Dab980,
    05180FE4 00000000
    05197110 00000000

    Moon Jump Press A anonymous
    BA4B8590 00000100
    7238FDE4 00008050
    4238FDE4 003841C0
    4238FDE4 00581600
    3238FDE4 00008050
    4238FDE4 00591600
    00000000 40000000

    Unlock any door anonymous
    0407CCEC 48000010
    0407CD34 60000000

    Move during cutscenes anoymous

    04065F28 48000020
    04066C4C 48000038
    04066CA0 38800005
    04066CD4 38800005
    0418400C 38800005
    04184CB8 38800005

    Codes that crash the game when in use, These could be used together so they will be listed here
    0254C7C4 00000000 8-bit code Dab980,

    05197110 00000000
    32-Bit Dab980,


    Mess up Spec ops and desyncs the game
    05197110 00000000
    0254C7C4 00000000

    Failed Attempt to fix the code above with nan code, Makes the game semi playable.
    05180FE4 00000000
    05197110 00000000
    0254C7C4 00000000

    A weird Code that can semi hang or plain crash dolphin, With no effects occuring gameplay wise
    05180FE4 00000000
    026F6A02 00000000
    026FF36A 00000000
    02038F02 00000000
    0324A0FE 00000000
    027017FC 00000000
    03249C50 00000000
    05197110 00000000
    0254C7C4 00000000

    ^Using Poltergust will cause these effects above^
    Codes Recently Found only for testing purposed, Not wise to use until listed

    Each line represents each code no name until i look into them later.

    Not sure what this code does so far, Nothing changes with this code.

    026F6A02 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980,
    Does nothing as a stand alone code

    026FF36A 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980,

    Does nothing as a stand alone code
    027017FC 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980,

    02038F02 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980

    03249C50 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980

    0324A0FE 00000000: 16 Bit Dab980

    0452FFE4 00000000: 32 Bit Dab980

    0452FAE4 00000000: 32 Bit Dab980

    Has Special Properties 1-3
    0443F498 00000000: 32 Bit Dab980

    0443F4A0 00000000: 32 Bit Dab980

    0443F4A4 00000000: 32 Bit Dab980

    DIOS MIOS: USA/ Cyan
    Refill HP (D-pad UP) [Cyan]
    284CB002 00000008
    0535A2BD 00640000
    051BBEC5 00640000
    E0000000 80008000
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    are the code specific for dolphin?
    I once created a code for DIOS MIOS, I don't know if it will work on dolphin but you can test it and add it to your list if you want.
    Luigi's Mansion (USA)
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    Sorry dude it didn't work for me on dolphin
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