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  1. rklamer

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    ...to manage files on my PC from my DS. Something like DSFTP, but the other way around (where I can manage stuff on PC)... and with a delete function. Is there any homebrew that suits this task?

    And no, I can't use any "remote PC" programs that just send the PC screen's data. I'll be managing files on a PC being used by someone else, and I don't think they'd like me moving their mouse around and stuff. [​IMG]
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    DSLinux + the ftp command (assuming DSLinux has it).
    But it's completely command line based. And you'd need to install an ftp server on the PC.

    If you need more functionality than ftp can offer, install an ssh or telnet server on the PC and connect using ssh/telnet on DSLinux (again, command line based).