Gaming lgpe 2618-0006 local trade


Has a PhD in dueling
Aug 27, 2009
duel acadamia
United States
hey so i have 2 switches one banned one unbanned the banned one display 2618-0006 (banned switch) on local trade with no internet access funny thing is i traded before on it no problem that what puzzles me
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    @K3Nv2, Give them to real chickens.
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    I sent them the idea for the surstroming flavored vodka.... I am sorry they tasted it lol
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    I bought a bigger computer desk/stand last year, cause mine was always too cluttered and messy. Now with new bigger desktop, I have more room for junk, to make it even more cluttered. I thought would help, but made it worse.
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    My new desks arriving tomorrow
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    I'm jelly
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    Gonna be a bitch putting together
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    I think I'm gonna just build my own new one with cabinet board and then stain it dark.
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    Nuh f all that, I have all the tools in my shed to make cabinets. I'll just custom make my own soo much cheaper. I want to do a corner unit anyways, for 3 monitors.
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    Still looks nice
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    True dat
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    How have you, and my wifey been? Been busy and haven't been here much. Oh and tell Uremum that Friday will be fine. I'll get cash before this time.
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    W BOYS
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    We know
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    MiniTool is so slow at extending partitions
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    I prefer AOMEI Partition Assistant
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    Happy birthday @BakerMan in case I miss it. Hope you have all your dreams come true,except the Wario in the woods one
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    Free edition doesnt let you resize
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    So seriously, damn I didn't know that. One to grow on...Gonna go check
    BigOnYa @ BigOnYa: So seriously, damn I didn't know that. One to grow on...Gonna go check