Last chance! GBAtemp Redbubble shirt design competition - design a shirt, winners get free merch!


You might have seen that just a little bit earlier this year, we debuted our new shirt sale, back in full force after years of you guys requesting its return! Now, it's time to get a little competitive. We know that many GBAtemp users here are incredibly talented artists, so get ready to let your art skills shine! GBAtemp will be holding a T-shirt design contest, where you can submit a digital drawing or design of what you think best represents GBAtemp and would look nice, displayed on the front or back of a lovely shirt, hoodie, or other article of clothing.

As this is a competition, we'll have three winners. The best designs, as voted by YOU, will be sold in our storefront, and the winners will receive a prize of their choosing: any design of any product on the GBAtemp Redbubble page. (Yes, even a Tempy bathmat or clock! We won't judge.)

In order to enter, you’ll need to send a private message to @Chary and @T-hug containing an image file (GIMP/Photoshop/etc) of your work, and a title for it. You can also feel free to show off your design in this thread, too! If you're not confident in your art skills, but you have a great idea for what you'd wanna see on a Tempy-themed shirt, leave a comment, and maybe one of the artists here will make your dreams come true! If that's not enough for you, then one of the non-entrant voters will be chosen at random, to win a free shirt featuring one of the winning designs! Yay!

The competition will last exactly one month--until November 2nd. Once the clock hits midnight (CST), a voting thread will go live, where everyone will be able to pick their favorite piece of art. GBAtemp Staff will contact the winners and discuss which prize they want. If it so happens that any of the winners are in one of the few regions that Redbubble does not support, or they’re unable to provide a shipping address, arrangements will be made to provide a prize of equal value (a PSN/eShop/Steam/etc card).

(Please make sure, that in making your design, that you don't directly infringe on pre-existing copyrights. References are fine, but outright infringement might get the design revoked from Redbubble, and we don't want that to happen.)

Good luck, and have fun! We look forward to seeing all the amazing submissions!

If you're interested in checking out some of our existing shirt designs, or perhaps getting a nice mug to drink hot chocolate from (Winter is coming, after all), head on over to our Redbubble storefront, and see what we've got for sale!

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May 11, 2017
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I'm all about this competition and am also all about the gbatemp bathmat
edit: I can't find the gbatemp bathmat, I feel betrayed
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Oct 2, 2012
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Looks like fun. I think I'll send in some. Can we have multiple designs in our single entry? Or enter multiple designs if we make more than one?
I didn’t expect multiple entries from a single user, but yes. To both. You can submit multiple designs to be voted on.
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