Lagless N64 games?

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    Jan 19, 2016
    Good morning.

    I have a modded 1004 PSP, 6.60 version (can't say which CFW I installed, I did it like two years ago... However, it's like vanilla Firmware), and recently discovered about DaedalusX64, since I wanted to run Smash 64 with that. It works quite well (50-58 FPS), as long as I don't turn on audio. So, I was wondering... Is there a way to run it at full speed (60 FPS) with sound? Or my model of PSP is too old?

    P.s.: I have overclocked my PSP at 333/166 (both "CPU Clock XMB" and "CPU Clock Game"), and turned on every option of Daedalus that says "Speed up". Frameskip at Auto 1.
    Version of Daedalus: R1909 Beta