Lack of classic RPGs?

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    Hi there

    Is it just me or does the NDS lack the good ol' classic RPGs like the SNES used to have? Of course, there are the remakes such as Final Fantasy 3 and 4 and Chrono Trigger... but very few new titles. The DS has been around for a while now and all I can name up are Black Sigil, the new Suikoden and Magical Starsign. All the rest are tactical RPGs, action RPGs or RPGs in an alternative style. There's also been a huge leap from the classical settings as well. No more medieval world with magic. They made place for technology, modern cities and common-day language.

    I guess I'm just old-fashioned but I miss the good old days where you had countless Dragon Quests, Dragon Warriors Final Fantasies and Suikodens to dive into a world full of wizards and elves and whatnot.

    Maybe those games exist but never make it outside of Japan? Or maybe those games are just history and games have evolved out of that?

    Long story short, my question is: Are there any more games out there that you can recommend that I would like, or is the DS simply not for me?
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    Well there's a couple of dragon quests that you didn't mention, but aside from that not many traditional rpgs.
    There is Super robot taisen Endless Frontier(didn't feel like writing down the whole name) but you have to time your attacks there. Not sure if that's what you want.
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    Maybe Nostalgia?
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    the above thread should be stick'd...
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    I'm gonna suggest Nostalgia too. That game was pretty much made for people like you who wanted more classic RPGs for the DS.
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    far away from you..