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    Where dat ass is
    The rundown
    Hello everyone, I am the creator of 3DSMH, and I need this community's help! If you know any game offsets (that dont require a tool to 'decompress', just loading the save file in something like HxD) then I would very much appreciate it

    How to submit?
    You can submit in the following format
    • Home.txt line:
      Pokemon Shuffle|Save file cheats for pokemon shuffle|POKEMONSHUFFLE

      99999 money|maximizes money|/JKSV/Saves/Pokémon_Shuffle/monedas/savedata.bin|0x68|0xF8
      99999 money|maximizes money|/JKSV/Saves/Pokémon_Shuffle/monedas/savedata.bin|0x69|0x34
      99999 money|maximizes money|/JKSV/Saves/Pokémon_Shuffle/monedas/savedata.bin|0x6A|0xAC
    When you download my tool you will be given a 'Home.txt' file, and you will need to add a line similar to the above Home.txt addition, and note that the last item (POKEMONSHUFFLE) is the Unique ID and will need to be the same as the *.txt file you fill with cheats

    Current cheat database: (If you submit something it will be added)
    Click here to check it out

    Where can I get it/More info!?
    Check out the thread here or in my signature

    Basic rundown video:

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