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    Apr 9, 2016
    First, a disclaimer: I'm not actually planning to play this game, I'm still not done with HWL and have zero investment in the Fire Emblem franchise.

    That being said, I've had cause to look into the game a tiny amount for a thing and that meant a quick few hours poking the save file. It would be poor form not to at least mention what I've found to kick things off.

    Remember to always make backups.

    You'll get up to 4 files:
    If you can't figure out which file you need to be editing you do not belong in this thread, wait for someone make an editor.
    There's no checksum on the file, edit to your heart's content.

    First up, stuff I've tested, even if only briefly. Everything is stored little-endian, because 3DS.
    Money [4 bytes]
    #In terms of materials there seem to be a bunch of placeholder values, space for DLC to expand into probably#
    Materials [2 bytes each - 0x190 bytes]
    0x28 - Rowan's Buckle
    0x2A - Rowan's Cape
    0x2C - Lianna's Hairpin
    0x2E - Lianna's Cape
    0x30 - Chrom's Leather Belt
    0x32 - Chrom's Pauldron
    0x34 - Lucina's Cuffs
    0x36 - Lucina's Mask
    0x38 - Robin's Primer
    0x3A - Robin's Robes
    0x3C - Lissa's Nest-Egg Purse
    0x3E - Lissa's Crinoline
    0x40 - Frederick's Pebbles
    0x42 - Frederick's Ribbon Tie
    0x44 - Cordelia's Wing Hairpins
    0x46 - Cordelia's Book on Love
    0x48 - Owain's Belt Sash
    0x4A - Owain's Divine Names
    0x4C - Corrin's Brooch
    0x4E - Corrin's Hair Clasp
    0x50 - Ryoma's Headpiece
    0x52 - Ryoma's Battle Coat
    0x54 - Hinoka's Tassels
    0x56 - Hinoka's Scarf
    0x58 - Takumi's History Book
    0x5A - Takumi's Fur Wrap
    0x5C - Sakura's Sash
    0x5E - Sakura's Headband
    0x60 - Oboro's Sleeve Sash
    0x62 - Oboro's Chest Guard
    0x64 - Xander's Shield
    0x66 - Xander's Plate Armor
    0x68 - Camilla's Belt
    0x6A - Camilla's Tasses
    0x6C - Leo's Tomato
    0x6E - Leo's Collar
    0x70 - Elise's Flowers
    0x72 - Elise's Ribbon
    0x74 - Niles's Hood
    0x76 - Niles's Eye Patch
    0x78 - Marth's Brooch
    0x7A - Marth's Tiara
    0x7C - Caeda's Bracelet
    0x7E - Caeda's Breastplate
    0x80 - Navarre's Cord Belt
    0x82 - Navarre's Sword Strap
    0x84 - Tiki's Anklet
    0x86 - Tiki's Hairpin
    0x88 - Celica's Shield
    0x8A - Celica's Circlet
    0x8C - Lyn's Glove
    0x8E - Lyn's Cord Belt
    0x90 - Anna's Cap
    0x92 - Anna's Purse
    0x94 - Validar's Bracelet
    0x96 - Validar's Necklace
    0x98 - Iago's Dark Instrument
    0x9A - Iago's Half Mask
    0x9C - Gharnef's Ring
    0x9E - Gharnef's Orb
    0xA0 - Darios's Shield
    0xA2 - Darios's Circlet
    0xA4 - Chaos Dragon's Barbs
    0xA6 - Chaos Dragon's Jewel
    0xA8 - Myrmidon's Breechcloth
    0xAA - Myrmidon's Head Guard
    0xAC - Soldier's Waist Guard
    0xAE - Soldier's Helmet
    0xB0 - Axe Fighter's Glove
    0xB2 - Axe Fighter's Helmet
    0xB4 - Archer's Breastplate
    0xB6 - Archer's Shoulder Pad
    0xB8 - Mage's Mask
    0xBA - Mage's Robe
    0xBC - Outlaw's Bracer
    0xBE - Outlaw's Mask
    0xC0 - Knight's Shield
    0xC2 - Knight's Pauldron
    0xC4 - Cavalier's Greaves
    0xC6 - Cavalier's Saddle
    0xC8 - Pegasus Knight's Down
    0xCA - Pegasus Knight's Visor
    0xCC - Wyvern Rider's Talon
    0xCE - Wyvern Rider's Tasses
    0xD0 - Great Knight's Gauntlet
    0xD2 - Great Knight's Barding
    0xD4 - Manakete's Scale
    0xD6 - Manakete's Tail
    0xD8 - Monster's Fang
    0xDA - Monster's Horns
    0xDC - Captain's Sword
    0xDE - Captain's Lance
    0xE0 - Captain's Axe
    0xE2 - Captain's Bow
    0xE4 - Captain's Tome
    0xE6 - Monster's Claw
    0xE8 - Enliron's Scroll
    0xEA - Facinna's Scroll
    0xEC - Falchion's Scroll
    0xEE - Parallel Falchion's Scroll
    0xF0 - Thoron's Scroll
    0xF2 - Lissa's Axe's Scroll
    0xF4 - Frederick's Axe's Scroll
    0xF6 - Cordelia's Lance's Scroll
    0xF8 - Missiletainn's Scroll
    0xFA - Yato's Scroll
    0xFC - Raijinto's Scroll
    0xFE - Hinoka's Spear's Scroll
    0x100 - Fujin Yumi's Scroll
    0x102 - Spellbane Yumi's Scroll
    0x104 - Oboro's Spear's Scroll
    0x106 - Siegfried's Scroll
    0x108 - Camilla's Axe's Scroll
    0x10A - Brynhildr's Scroll
    0x10C - Moonlight's Scroll
    0x10E - Niles's Bow's Scroll
    0x110 - Exalted Falchion's Scroll
    0x112 - Wing Spear's Scroll
    0x114 - Wo Dao's Scroll
    0x116 - Divinestone's Scroll
    0x118 - Lady Sword's Scroll
    0x11A - Sol Katti's Scroll
    0x11C - Anna's Bow's Scroll
    0x11E - Rowan's Essence
    0x120 - Lianna's Essence
    0x122 - Chrom's Essence
    0x124 - Lucina's Essence
    0x126 - Robin's Essence
    0x128 - Lissa's Essence
    0x12A - Frederick's Essence
    0x12C - Cordelia's Essence
    0x12E - Owain's Essence
    0x130 - Corrin's Essence
    0x132 - Ryoma's Essence
    0x134 - Hinoka's Essence
    0x136 - Takumi's Essence
    0x138 - Sakura's Essence
    0x13A - Oboro's Essence
    0x13C - Xander's Essence
    0x13E - Camilla's Essence
    0x140 - Leo's Essence
    0x142 - Elise's Essence
    0x144 - Niles's Essence
    0x146 - Marth's Essence
    0x148 - Caeda's Essence
    0x14A - Navarre's Essence
    0x14C - Tiki's Essence
    0x14E - Celica's Essence
    0x150 - Lyn's Essence
    0x152 - Anna's Essence
    0x154 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x156 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x158 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x15A - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x15C - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x15E - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x160 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x162 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x164 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x166 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x168 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x16A - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x16C - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x16E - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x170 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x172 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x174 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x176 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x178 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x17A - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x17C - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x17E - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x180 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x182 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x184 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x186 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x188 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x18A - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x18C - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x18E - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x190 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x192 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x194 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x196 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x198 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x19A - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x19C - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x19E - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1A0 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1A2 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1A4 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1A6 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1A8 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1B0 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1B2 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1B4 - [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1B6 - Master Seal
    Materials Known [0x19 bytes]
    A series of bitmasks starting at 0x4C8
    Materials will be named ????????????? until flag is set here (happens first time you get that material)
    For everything: FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 3F 00 00 00 00 00 80
           0x4C8                       0x4C9                     0x4CA                      0x4CB
    0x1    Rowan's Buckle              Robin's Primer            Owain's Belt Sash          Takumi's History Book
    0x2    Rowan's Cape                Robin's Robes             Owain's Divine Names       Takumi's Fur Wrap
    0x4    Lianna's Hairpin            Lissa's Nest-Egg Purse    Corrin's Brooch            Sakura's Sash
    0x8    Lianna's Cape               Lissa's Crinoline         Corrin's Hair Clasp        Sakura's Headband
    0x10   Chrom's Leather Belt        Frederick's Pebbles       Ryoma's Headpiece          Oboro's Sleeve Sash
    0x20   Chrom's Pauldron            Frederick's Ribbon Tie    Ryoma's Battle Coat        Oboro's Chest Guard
    0x40   Lucina's Cuffs              Cordelia's Wing Hairpins  Hinoka's Tassels           Xander's Shield
    0x80   Lucina's Mask               Cordelia's Book on Love   Hinoka's Scarf             Xander's Plate Armor
           0x4CC                       0x4CD                     0x4CE                      0x4CF
    0x1    Camilla's Belt              Marth's Brooch            Celica's Shield            Iago's Dark Instrument
    0x2    Camilla's Tasses            Marth's Tiara             Celica's Circlet           Iago's Half Mask
    0x4    Leo's Tomato                Caeda's Bracelet          Lyn's Glove                Gharnef's Ring
    0x8    Leo's Collar                Caeda's Breastplate       Lyn's Cord Belt            Gharnef's Orb
    0x10   Elise's Flowers             Navarre's Cord Belt       Anna's Cap                 Darios's Shield
    0x20   Elise's Ribbon              Navarre's Sword Strap     Anna's Purse               Darios's Circlet
    0x40   Niles's Hood                Tiki's Anklet             Validar's Bracelet         Chaos Dragon's Barbs
    0x80   Niles's Eye Patch           Tiki's Hairpin            Validar's Necklace         Chaos Dragon's Jewel
           0x4D0                       0x4D1                     0x4D2                      0x4D3
    0x1    Myrmidon's Breechcloth      Mage's Mask               Pegasus Knight's Down      Monster's Fang
    0x2    Myrmidon's Head Guard       Mage's Robe               Pegasus Knight's Visor     Monster's Horns
    0x4    Soldier's Waist Guard       Outlaw's Bracer           Wyvern Rider's Talon       Captain's Sword
    0x8    Soldier's Helmet            Outlaw's Mask             Wyvern Rider's Tasses      Captain's Lance
    0x10   Axe Fighter's Glove         Knight's Shield           Great Knight's Gauntlet    Captain's Axe
    0x20   Axe Fighter's Helmet        Knight's Pauldron         Great Knight's Barding     Captain's Bow
    0x40   Archer's Breastplate        Cavalier's Greaves        Manakete's Scale           Captain's Tome
    0x80   Archer's Shoulder Pad       Cavalier's Saddle         Manakete's Tail            Monster's Claw
           0x4D4                       0x4D5                     0x4D6                      0x4D7
    0x1    Enliron's Scroll            Missiletainn's Scroll     Camilla's Axe's Scroll     Lady Sword's Scroll
    0x2    Facinna's Scroll            Yato's Scroll             Brynhildr's Scroll         Sol Katti's Scroll
    0x4    Falchion's Scroll           Raijinto's Scroll         Moonlight's Scroll         Anna's Bow's Scroll
    0x8    Parallel Falchion's Scroll  Hinoka's Spear's Scroll   Niles's Bow's Scroll       Rowan's Essence
    0x10   Thoron's Scroll             Fujin Yumi's Scroll       Exalted Falchion's Scroll  Lianna's Essence
    0x20   Lissa's Axe's Scroll        Spellbane Yumi's Scroll   Wing Spear's Scroll        Chrom's Essence
    0x40   Frederick's Axe's Scroll    Oboro's Spear's Scroll    Wo Dao's Scroll            Lucina's Essence
    0x80   Cordelia's Lance's Scroll   Siegfried's Scroll        Divinestone's Scroll       Robin's Essence
           0x4D8                       0x4D9                     0x4DA                      0x4DB
    0x1    Lissa's Essence             Sakura's Essence          Caeda's Essence            [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x2    Frederick's Essence         Oboro's Essence           Navarre's Essence          [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x4    Cordelia's Essence          Xander's Essence          Tiki's Essence             [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x8    Owain's Essence             Camilla's Essence         Celica's Essence           [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x10   Corrin's Essence            Leo's Essence             Lyn's Essence              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x20   Ryoma's Essence             Elise's Essence           Anna's Essence             [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x40   Hinoka's Essence            Niles's Essence           [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x80   Takumi's Essence            Marth's Essence           [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
           0x4DC                       0x4DD                     0x4DE                      0x4DF
    0x1    [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x2    [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x4    [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x8    [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x10   [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x20   [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x40   [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x80   [PLACEHOLDER]               [PLACEHOLDER]             [PLACEHOLDER]              [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x1    [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x2    [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x4    [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x8    [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x10   [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x20   [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x40   [PLACEHOLDER]
    0x80   Master Seal
    And now into some guesswork territory
    300 rows of weapons
    Each row 0x40 bytes long
    In Hyrule Warriors order didn't matter, each new weapon filled the next empty row. This does not seem to be the case here.
    Probable weapon IDs
    0x00 Bronze Sword
    0x01 Iron Sword
    0x02 Steel Sword
    0x03 Silver Sword
    0x04 Brave Sword
    0x05 Enliron
    0x06 Facinna
    0x07 Yato
    0x08 Raijinto
    0x09 Siegfried
    0x0A Falchion
    0x0B Parallel Falchion
    0x0C Exalted Falchion
    0x0D Risyl
    0x0E Lady Sword
    0x0F Sol Katti
    0x10 Missiletainn
    0x11 Wo Dao
    0x12 Armorslayer
    0x13 Wyrmslayer
    0x14 Spirit Katana
    0x15 Zanbato
    0x16 Bronze Lance
    0x17 Iron Lance
    0x18 Steel Lance
    0x19 Silver Lance
    0x1A Brave Lance
    0x1B Hinoka's Spear
    0x1C Oboro's Spear
    0x1D Cordelia's Lance
    0x1E Wing Spear
    0x1F Heavy Spear
    0x20 Dragonpike
    0x21 Blessed Lance
    0x22 Horseslayer
    0x23 Bronze Axe
    0x24 Iron Axe
    0x25 Steel Axe
    0x26 Silver Axe
    0x27 Brave Axe
    0x28 Camilla's Axe
    0x29 Healing Axe
    0x2A Armored Axe
    0x2B Hammer
    0x2C Dragon Axe
    0x2D Halberd
    0x2E Bronze Bow
    0x2F Iron Bow
    0x30 Steel Bow
    0x31 Silver Bow
    0x32 Brave Bow
    0x33 Fujin Yumi
    0x34 Spellbane Yumi
    0x35 Niles's Bow
    0x36 Anna's Bow
    0x37 Blessed Bow
    0x38 Bronze Tome
    0x39 Iron Tome
    0x3A Steel Tome
    0x3B Silver Tome
    0x3C Brave Tome
    0x3D Brynhildr
    0x3E Moonlight
    0x3F Thoron
    0x40 Grima's Truth
    0x41 Iago's Tome
    0x42 Imhullu
    0x43 Bronzestone
    0x44 Ironstone
    0x45 Steelstone
    0x46 Silverstone
    0x47 Bravestone
    0x48 Divinestone
    0x49 Undragonstone
    0x4A Bronze Claw
    0x4B Iron Claw
    0x4C Steel Claw
    0x4D Silver Claw
    0x4E Brave Claw
    0x4F Expiration
    0x50 Lancereaver
    0x51 Axereaver
    0x52 Swordreaver
    0x53 Conduit Sword
    0x54 Conduit Lance
    0x55 Conduit Axe
    0x56 Conduit Bow
    0x57 Conduit Tome
    0x58 Hunter's Bow
    0x59 Unsaddler Tome
    0x5A Piked Dragonstone
    0x5B Polearm's Claw
    0x5C Wing Clipper
    0x5D Flycatcher
    0x5E Volant Axe
    0x5F Wingbane Tome
    0x60 Risestone
    0x61 Weighted Claw
    0x62 Cleave Bow
    0x63 Piercing Tome
    0x64 Ironbanestone
    0x65 Tenacious Claw
    0x66 Dragonkiller Bow
    0x67 Condragon Tome
    0x68 Dragonbane Claw
    0x69 Blessed Axe
    0x6A Blessed Tome
    0x6B Blessedstone
    0x6C Blessed Claw
    0x6D Chrom's Training Sword
    0x6E Tiki's Tear
    0xFF [NO WEAPON]
    Probable weapon slot IDs
    0x00 (empty slot)
    0x01 Strong I
    0x02 Strong II
    0x03 Strong III
    0x04 Strong IV
    0x05 Strong V
    0x06 Strong VI
    0x07 Rainstorm
    0x08 Mountslayer
    0x09 Wingslayer
    0x0A Plateslayer
    0x0B Dracoslayer
    0x0C Beastslayer
    0x0D Mountslayer
    0x0E Wingslayer
    0x0F Plateslayer
    0x10 Dracoslayer
    0x11 Beastslayer
    0x12 Rampager
    0x13 Divining
    0x14 Power Up
    0x15 First Class
    0x16 Healer
    0x17 Healing Gift
    0x18 Warrior Gift
    0x19 Awaken Gift
    0x1A Triangle+
    0x1B Pair Up+
    0x1C Critical+
    0x1D Warrior+
    0x1E Health+
    0x1F Desperate+
    0x20 Antitriangle
    0x21 Topsy-Turvy
    0x22 True Power
    0x23 Strike Rate+
    0x24 All Stats+
    0xFF [NO SLOT]
    Character data
    If similarities to Hyrule Warriors continue the character data will be found slightly before the weapon data.
    I see some stuff that might be it, if so there's a lot more going on per-character than in Hyrule Warriors —
    but that makes sense with having to track extra things like bonds.
    If you want some help picking apart the weapon data you might start by editing the viewer I made for Hyrule Warriors Legends to support Fire Emblem Warriors' data instead. Instructions for using.
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    Feb 6, 2017
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    Would love to be able to edit fire emblem warriors, I hope people can contribute.

    Just throwing this out there, I've noticed a strange phenomena when trying to alter a character's selected costume to something they shouldn't have. If you change them to something that another character has their name, model, portait, and voice clips change to the character who normally has that costume (though it makes sense, considering how robin and corrin work)
    , the really strange part is if you try to deploy them in battle. if you are using the costume of a character you have, then it deploys that character instead of your modified character (so for example, if you hex edit chrom to use one of marths costumes, then try to deploy the modified chrom, marth will be deployed instead). This occurs regardless whether or not the unit in question is already on the map, and can be repeated for as many deployment slots that are avaliable. so it's possible to have multiple clones of the same character on the map at once.
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  3. BtEtta

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    Apr 9, 2016
    Perhaps share what you changed in your file, so that other people can build upon that knowledge?
  4. Samsonb79

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    Feb 6, 2017
    United States
    I don't remember any of the offsets or the values I changed them to but it should be possible to find out by changing a characters costume if they are promoted, then looking for differences in the files. Pretty much I changed one characters costume to be the same as another.
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    Can someone point me to the direction of the datamine where it proves that Wingspear, Wo Dao, etc. are going to be the character specific weapons?
  6. that girl

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    Jul 25, 2015
    Sorry about ressing this thread, but I'm curious…
    Are you able to add the playable Darios to your roster this way…?

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