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    Sep 13, 2009
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    After looking over my other post about the 360, I started to think, if these gaming systems keeping getting worse, with hardware issues, random banning and all that junk.
    Just think about what the next generations systems are going to be like if they keep going at this rate O.O
    The reports might look something like this:
    I bought my new Xbox 720 and with in the next hour it burst into flames! I sent it to Microsoft and they sent it make with a sticky note on it saying "Your system was banned for breaking the the Terms of Agreement" now what do I do?
    Bought a PS4...still no real improvement from PS3
    Or I bought the...ok I am pulling name out of my ass for this one, the Nintendo Casual and well it reminds me of the Wii...which isn't is a good thing.

    So what I am saying is maybe we should start getting on these companies asses and get them into shape about the next generation systems.