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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by daveshah, Apr 28, 2012.

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    Apr 22, 2012
    I have a Supercard SD, but it is not very useful any more and I am thinking of buying a new Slot-1 card (maybe the DSTWO.) I would like to know software exists to load a GBA game from the microSD card in the Slot-1 flashcart into the RAM of the Supercard in the GBA slot, then boot the game.

    I have some programming knowledge so I could possibly code this myself, if it was supported by the hardware/libraries.
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    I don't know about transferring a GBA rom into the Supercard in slot2, but:
    1. it already exists with the EZ flash 3-in-1 slot 2 (GBA, RAM, Rumble), using GBAexpLoader homebrew, or directly with some Flashcard's firmware.
    2. Super Card DS Two is already compatible with GBA roms without the need of a slot 2, as it include an additional CPU to increase emulation possibility directly from Slot1, making GBA game a possibility on DSi and 3DS. It's still an emulator, not the real GBA mode.

    For real GBAMode, you need a Slot2 card.
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    I reckon the GBA of the DStwo is better than the GBA of the supercard SD, certainly nicer to work with. Not sure what supports using the supercards as a GBA expansion pack (their ram really is not good) although if anything does it will be GBAexpLoader.

    If you did want a ram "API"/library though not sure if it ever got merged into the devkitpro/devkitarm toolchain or what versions it is compatible with right now but it should do what you want.

    Equally if you did want example sources for GBA loaders had some although it was intended for the 3 in 1 NOR (not a great deal of difference once you get ram unlocked and mapped accordingly).
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    Hm, I know the old SCDS:One software (the Moonshell based one) could load a GBA rom to a slot-2 Supercard's RAM, but I'm not sure if that was only for GBA-to-DS linking (think Pal Park in the Pokemon games) or if you could actually launch the game once loaded. Actually come to think of it, I think you *could* launch the game, but the saving didn't work properly since it had no way to update the *.sav file on the slot-1 microSD card, so the feature was useless. I don't know if the feature even made it over when they switched to EOS, or if it did, if the SCDS:Two can do it as well.