Is the 2DS XL worth it?

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  1. BaamAlex

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    Jul 23, 2018
    Good evening community,

    The question is already in the OP. But is the 2DS XL worth it? I have read a bit about the stupid position of the speakers and the handheld should feel more like a child's toy. Is there any truth behind it? Is the position of the speakers really so unfavorable? I'm considering if I buy the New 3DS XL as SNES edition or the 2DS XL in black or something. Or what color do I like there.
  2. Redhorse

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    Apr 18, 2017
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    I purchased the Hylian shield version of the 2ds XL and can say for myself, the palms reflect the sound nicely actually making it sound better than other units I've used. To me it doesn't feel like a toy. On the down side, I am a bit concerned about when I will eventually need a battery changed since they are not user change-able (easily). I don't want to send a cfw unit in for a batter change of course, I suspect there will be ebay dealers willing to tackle that for me once that time arrives tho. I am surprisingly pleased with it, size and materials. The Hylian shield feels a bit more protected on the upper screen around the edges (where most of these 2ds xl have screens cracking, probably from sitting on them in their back pockets)
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  3. CrisFTW

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    Jan 10, 2016
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    I'm 20, I take it to work and people there are impressed what games can be played. The N2DS is just more better to carry out than the N3DS. It has a more slim look. The 3D function is ignored by alot of the newer games so it pointless to have it. I will agree the speakers are terrible but its 2018. A pair of earbuds can be easily purchased in almost every store you enter. I swapped my N3DS for a N2DS Pokeball edition. The place that the cartridge and microSD is located in is alot better. No need to unscrew your 3DS just to get the sd card out. I'm happy with my purchase. I recommend getting the N2DS over the N3DS unless you like the 3D function
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  4. Azuremuth

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    Nov 9, 2018
    I've just bought an 2ds LL (black) myself, and I got to say, the sound is a little bit lower than the n3ds. However, it looks much better than the n3dsxl, IMO. and with cfw, getting the damn SD out with the n3ds (unscrew back cover) is really inconvenient.
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    The sound does reflect off the inside of my palms, but I usually use headphones anyway. Also I sold my n3ds to buy the n2ds xl. I’ve only ever used the 3d function to find out that I don’t like it at all and gives me a headache. N2ds xl for life.
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  6. Master X

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    Mar 21, 2010
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    Never used 3d on my 3ds xl, so the N2ds xl was perfect for me. Never had a issue with the sound, though personally the top screen feels very flimsy. Hasn't broke on me from general use, but I wouldn't put much faith it in surviving a drop.
  7. Langley911

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    Oct 30, 2018
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    is there anyone owning the pikachu edition? is the shell's color too bright? my eyes are pretty bad dealing with bright colors especially playing a handheld in long term and having to look at the thing for hours.....