Is somebody messing with the AC:NL RAM Locations page???

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    Mar 6, 2015
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    In Los Santos, GTA: San Andreas.
    I am noticing weird changes on the page...
    End Adress Start Address
    Why are they in that order..?
    And I went to the town tree size and, the bytes don't mach the biggest town tree size.
    "Town Tree Size 0x5C74A 01 Very very very small 02 very very small 03 very smal 04 smal 05 smal big 06 more bigger 07 FULL BIGEST TEMPORARY. Resets on reload. For permanant full size tree... Need 500 days & 500 hr. "

    0x05c74a 65 00 72 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 00 11 90
    I am pretty sure that my tree is fully freaking grown... So that is incorrect...
    I am very afraid to rely on that page... I want the constant edits to stop, ya know, the ones that are just incorrect just for the people that put that fake info to be complete assholes...
    Somebody added a smiley, but still, it makes me more afraid to rely on that page...
    "Object :)"
    Somebody stop this, please, this is the page that basically taught me how to HEX Edit...
    P1 Hairstyle 0x24
    00 thru 0C >male hairstyles >" (there is nothing here anymore)
    ">female styles >"
    I think it's being greefed... (Sorry if I misspelled that)
    I am scared to use it now. What else can I rely on..?
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    Some idiot messing with it just use the backup version of the table from 5/13/15
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