Gaming Installing .NET framework w/o admin privileges


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Jul 1, 2008
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After quite a bit of Googling and no help, I'm going to ask. Is there anything that I can use to run programs that need the framework(2.0) without admin. I have a game(osu!) on the mobile mate micro(1GB MicroSD) I carry around on my keys. I tried something called Xenocode, but it's trial, and official version is $1600, iirc
And I can't get it to work, I'm probably doing something wrong. Anything I can do to install it, without looking suspicious. Or something like the Xenocode and so called converts the 2.0 to other binaries, I didn't read it completely.
Skipped through.

and if you didn't see it, I'm trying to run osu! on it.

The teacher lets us play(on the computer) if we finish on the work. But I can't get it work. Some computer gave me a weird error. The other gave the .NET framework 2.0 error. So don't say school isn't for games.

Maybe I'll see if Touhou project doesn't require it.

Also, so I don't make a new topic. Is it possible to change/spoof the DS's MAC address? I think that the school has them all blocked, from what I heard they all have the same first few #'s in it.

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