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Oct 17, 2008
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This overwrites the update partition with a fake update partition, and it's done with wiibrickblocker. It's only useful for modchip users, with chips which don't have a update block function and without a "software protection" against updates like the one in starfall for example. (Note: It's unclear if the fake update partition in the wiibrickblocker package contains code from nintendo and is illegal because of this.) To revert this process would be very complicated.

This removes the update partion of the disc completely, and decrypts the game partition. It's done with "backup-creator". This is for people without a modchip only, it was required for the 1st backup launcher, but it's not required at all now. Note that decrypted discs are only supported in Waninkoko's backup launcher and the backup launchers from WiiGator(Gamma for example). Don't call decrypted discs patched, they are decrpyted! To revert this process is completely impossible as you would need nintendo's master key for this. And if you had this key, nintendo wouldn't have a chance at all to stop homebrew.

IOS Version patches

This changes the information which IOS the game wants as firmware inside the tmd of the disc. It's done with Waninkoko's IOS Version Patcher.

For modchip users it's only useful, if they want to play a game from the disc channel with another IOS, for example because it's not installed, or the original IOS doesn't support trucha. These uses of the IOS Version patcher for modchip users are more theroretically, there are other soulutions for these problems. Patching to IOS30 or IOS36 make sense here.

For softmodders it's very useful if they don't have cioscorp, riisimod, softmii or any other new mod installed. Some games require this patching, look here for more details:
In most cases softmodders need to patch to IOS249, if they need to patch.

This process is revertable, but the .iso would be trucha signed then.

Region patches

Well that's complicated, there are at least two kinds of region patches:
- disc region patches which only patch the information form which region the disc is from. Well if you use a loader (Gecko OS, Gamma or SoftChip), this doesn't change anything for you. If you have a chip with region free functionality or a hack installed with this, the patching might not change anything for you. If this process does not trucha sign the .iso, it's completely revertable.
- video mode patches. These are the more interestion patches, as they allow you to play most games from other regions with correct colors, even if your tv doesn't support the video mode from the game. This process is revertable, but the .iso would be trucha signed then.

If you know other patches or want to add some info about patches, please post here, i will consider to update the 1st post then.

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Homebrew Starters Guide !!

And thanks for the allowance!

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