If PSVita was emulated, how would controls be optimized?

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    So far we have Nintendo DS a wii a 3DS and wii u with currently usable emulators. The all support some form of touch control, excluding wii which use sensor, if anything is kinda like a touch control if simplified. So far is been possible to use these emulated features effectively. So far i not used any of these emulators to be honest but i would asume that for DS use the mouse for touch screen, the 3DS works the same and so does Wii u Game pad controls, and i heard wii can use actual sensor bar with pc emulator.

    But what about PS VITA? Let's examine. From wikipedia "DOT" com is a list of input controls. I Underlined all the things i am concerned with.

    • Touchscreen
    • Rear touchpad
    • Sixaxis motion sensing
    • Three-axis electronic compass
    • D-pad
    • 16 × Buttons
      ([​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], [​IMG], D-Pad, L, R, Start, Select, PS, Volume ±, Power)
    • 2 × Analog sticks
    Well there it is, besides the standard controls like a PSP or Gameboy or something we have some extras to work with.

    As i metioned already the nintendo DS and other consoles with touchscreens already, but there is one thing they don't have, Pinch functions. Is when you take two on the screen at once and spread them twoards the edge of the screen or vice versa. Is usually how you zoom in on pictures or web pages on cellphones or tablets. That is a vita function but never was a nintendo function so is easily overlooked.

    Second is the rear touch pad. Yes, the back of the system has a function as well. Not sure how many games use it since the only one i think was welcome park which is much like a demostration than actual game. But it supposed to do somethinig. The other thing i noticed is that Playstation tv has emulation for touch controls. Since you can use a ps3 or ps4 controller on that console, you can use dual analog to emulate both of them. Two white gloves appear as the cursor and you can touch, drag, pinch and rub like real vita. But the thing that confuses me is that you can use them at the same time, both front and back as if there was a function for it. If i had to describe it, it should be like holding the console between your thumb and index finger, as if trying to pick something up. Your thumb on front touch screen and finger on rear touch screen. The PSTV already did a poor job of the touch controls, how would a emulator be able to optimize that better?

    The third thing is a Sixaxis. If you owned a ps3 you know what i am talking about. This word "SIXAXIS" is written on every one of them, the controller itself is known as the Dualshock3, obviously cause first dual shock is for PS1 and second was for PS2. What does it mean? Well other than probably being a play on words, a bad translation or misspelling, it simply means the controller has tilt controls for some games that support it. To my knowledge very few games, mostly the early ones when the console was released used it but dropped having such feature in later games. Is kinda like how some 3DS games with aim controls can move the system around to aim the camera or for the augmented reality with camera, is just controller function and is part of the psvita much the same reason 3DS has them, excepet the silly name. I assume it was supposed to be stick axis, but who knows.

    The fourth one confuses me, i already mentioned sixaxis but now it says Three-axis electronic compass. I honestly have no clue what this could mean, but i know what a compass is and is for telling direction of north, south, west, and east. The Vita has some type of GPS which can explains the near app on it. If i had to explain, which i could be wrong, is probably something like street pass for 3DS but not quite like it. So maybe like Google maps on cellphones, it connects to the WIfi or 3G possible network to determine your current location and area from online to display for you. Near isn't really a map app, is something more to detect other players around your area, to see what they play or share game data, what exactly? i dunno, never had game actually support it. But to be honest, is probably a very minority of this necessatiy for a emulator but i just wanted to mention it for someone who may wonder.

    There is a camera, and i think is very underused. So again, pobably another minor concern, I dunno if 3DS emulators has any concern for it so probably not this, perhaps using a PC camera could maybe do something about it but it probably wouldn't be a importance.

    Other than what i mentioned, it functions like a regular handheld, much like psp which is already doing good job in emulation according to PPSSPP people who uses it. :)

    So i was just wondering, also if something is incorrect, just let me know politely.:unsure:
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    Well... in my opinion, I would allow the buttons and analogue sticks to be user-defined, like a lot of emulators already do.
    And then for the touchscreen + rear touch pad, I would use the mouse / mouse button click for the front pad, and something like Tab + Mouse button click to emulate the rear pad. (A bit like how CEMU Wii U Emu. uses Tab to interchange between the TV screen and the GamePad.)
    For sixaxis motion, I wouldn't have a clue. I think if I recall correctly, Dolphin emulator lets you change motion values within button presses.

    You also mentioned pinching the Vita screen, which I found rather interesting! Maybe you could sacrafice another key such as Shift to allow you to create, like, a "mirror-image" of your mouse with the mirroring point being where you last held Shift and clicked at the same time.

    Of course, not every single Vita feature can be emulated, nor would it ever be able to any time soon. Some features include stuff like the camera and GPS. Also, wifi is probably tough to nail in an emulator as well (or maybe it's not focused on enough to be able to be implemented in time? I dunno on that one... I know that Dolphin and PPSSPP have those features, but they're the only Emus I know of that have wireless capabilities.)
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    Well i haven't found a way to get PPSSPP wifi to work, it has this thing about a coldbird server to play games online with others. Is supposed to be part of the emulator. It also supposed to communicate with real psp systems through LAN or something but so far i only used it on my android not PC and never could get it to work. :P

    But while wifi may not be a major concern cause unless a server is created for online play, is kinda uncessary. You won't try to connect to PSN with a emulator, or your own PSN id, that is impossible or would result in ban maybe. So i neglected to include that but i guess is also interesting point. Unless online is emulated by P2P network and uses local play much like the PSP cold bird serivce. :)

    But yes, the controller optimization for vita concerned me. Since if dumping games is possible, a emulator for it has a reason to exist now. So i just wanted to bring that up you know?

    You get what i am saying @Voxel l :D
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