I have a very stupid problem. I want to delete an old post. (Whatever reason you are thinking is not the reason.)


Sep 30, 2017
The dark endless abyss of empty eternal oblivion.
United States
I guess we can't delete our own posts. I wish I could.

Like this post: https://gbatemp.net/threads/anyone-else-have-a-needy-animal.485417/#post-7606131

I want to delete it.

Why do I want to delete it? Because I have a stupid problem.

It's not because it was a stupid pointless post that I only made to try and increase my post count (even though that's exactly what it was).

It's because my post count is 9, you see.
My post count has been 9 for about 5 years.

See: https://gbatemp.net/members/mr_reaper.433581/

So I only post on the Edge of the Forum. Because all the posts here are meaningless and don't increase my post count. I never want to have more than 9 posts.

But now I am tempted to make a post in another part of the forum.... For this upcoming contest full of Fabulous Prizes!!!

Woooow, $2000 worth of said Fabulous Prizes!!!

... but I can't enter it because of my very stupid problem.

My post count would go over 9 if I posted in a thread to enter that contest.....

Even worse, it looks like there will be 4 different threads where I would have to post.
That would make my post count go all the way to.... **counts on fingers** 14 :ohnoes:

So that's why I wish my old spam post could be deleted, to decrease my post count to 8 so I could then post in one of the contest threads to enter for a chance to win Fabulous Prizes!!!

Well, I guess I really need to examine my priorities....

Should I stupidly cling to a completely meaningless, pointless, worthless number in order to have "9 posts" for absolutely no reason whatsoever....
Or should I just say, "to hell with it," and post in the contest threads for a chance to win some completely amazing Fabulous Prizes!!!! for free?

.... Well, see you guys after Halloween, when I will still definitely have 9 posts....

I told you it was a very stupid problem!

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