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Aug 4, 2019
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Now, I Know That This Method Is SO Damn Old, But It Is Pretty Cool To Me That At Least ONE Rumor For Secret Fighters Were TRUE.

So, If You Don't Already Know About The Methods For The So Called "Secret Fighters",

The Methods For The Secret Characters, Well, The Methods Were Just About More Intense Than Beating Contra In One Sitting!

And All Of Those Rumors Were Not True.

But, There Is One Method That Is True, And, Sadly, You Won't Unlock Him, But, He IS Playable.

And That Is Master Hand.

When I Got Smash Melee, I Really Hoped That Master Hand Was Unlockable, But He Wasn't. BUT He Was Playable.

So, To Play As Master Hand, You Need:

2 Controllers

A Gamecube

And Smash Melee (Duh)

Then, Go To Versus Mode, And Melee.

Make Sure There Is One Gamecube Controller In Controller Port 1, And Controller Port 3.

Have Player 3 Be No Character, And Also Rename Their Name Tag, And Player One Clicks B, Which Makes Them Go Back, And Player 3 Clicking A To Make Their Name Tag, And If You Did That Right, You Should Be In The Stage Selection Screen.

Choose A Stage, Start The Battle, And, BOOM!

You Should Now Be Playing As Master Hand!

Also, Master Hand Can Make The Game Crash, So, Yeah...

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