How to list files for wiisx to load...having freezing issues.

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    WiiU 5.5...loading all data from an SD card. Installed homebrew channel and emulators with no issues. Installed wiisx and loading games in wiisx/isos/(subfolder). They read through the wiisx menu but freeze up on all loading. I installed the bios and run wiisx through the sd bios. The only game I can run is twisted metal in a bin/cue format. I noticed all my new files I'm trying to run were unzipped and have (data.bin.ecu) files and cue files. Some groups also have .ape files. I'm assuming I just have the wrong format of file and need to convert/reformat...? Any info would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

    Also, if there is any other mods I can do to the system to allow it to run smoother or more stable...please let me know.
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