How to hack and not get banned. - what TO DO ( if you so choose)

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    How to hack and not get banned. - what TO DO ( if you so choose)
    - I beat Lagiacrus offline and hacked to get the full Lagiacrus armor set and the thunderclap longsword

    - I go online, I won't get banned because I made it far enough into the game offline to fairly obtain these items.

    How to hack and get banned online - what NOT to do

    I just started the game but I hack to get Full Alatreon armor,The Dark Switch Axe, the Inceadeus switch axe, the sea striker, the Viking Hornsword and the Tenebra Long Sword(only obtainable online)

    - If I go online with any of these items equipped, since I have not made enough progress on and or offline, I will be banned.

    Example 2

    NOT Banned

    -I just completely finished single player mode.(Including the extra urgent quests) I go to the wyverian artisan and in the armor forging list I'm able to forge the Ceadues armor,I have all the materials I need but I don't have enough of all the materials that I need. I hack to get the materials.

    - I go online with the Ceadues armor set , and I will not get banned


    - I just beat the Rathian offline( lvl 3 offline quest i believe), but I want way better equipment before I fight the Lagiacrus.I hack to get the best armor set ( Alatreon+) and the best long sword ( Dark Claw "Demise")

    - If I go online, I will be banned.

    Note: let's say you're having a hard time offline against a monster like the Lagiacrus but you really want to beat it so you can get the Lagiacrus set, if you hack to get equipment that let you beat the Lagiacrus , but legitly forge the equipment you wanted after beating the Lagiacrus, you will not get banned for using them online.


    -I fought the Rathalos using the Heavens Thunder (Y) long sword (I hacked to get that weapon)so that I could get materials to forge the Wyvern blade fire. I forge the wyvern blade fire and equip it then go online.

    -I won't get banned

    That's my quick and easy to follow guide for getting banned and not getting banned
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    What on earth is going on in this thread?
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    oohhh k
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    Hmmmm? :unsure: Thanks?
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    And yet another informative post by our newbies.
    Maybe sticky this somewhere......
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    I'd rather Monster Hunter not be hacked, and I'd rather more people not get into the practice of hacking games online, it not only makes the game less fun for you, but also for the people you're playing with. Of course, by "hacking" I mean "cheating", which is what this thread is about.
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    It would be best if you just kept the hacking offline. If you hack online, you cheat everyone involved, offline, you're only cheating yourself.
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    Friend of mine got banned for being in the same room as a hacker. Apparently, whatever code the guy was using copied to my friend. When he went to his offline box after the ban was lifted (he chose not to play at all until it was), he had 99 of EVERYTHING, even junk items with incomplete code.

    Just earn the stuff yourself. Much more satisfying.
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    Here's a better way to cheat if you choose to do so.

    Use an infinite HP + stamina code OFFLINE only. (and a 1 hit kill code if you want it to go by fast)
    get your mats from the monsters you kill.
    make weapons and armor.

    it's boring and takes the fun out of the game, but it's better than hacking the items in. you're getting everything legit (kind of not really)
    you will never get banned (since you're getting materials that you would normally receive from missions you normally would have), and you won't put others at risk for your choice of ruining the game for yourself.