how to get an SD card out of the dvd drive ??? !!!

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  1. madeirabhoy

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    Nov 29, 2008

    stupidest thing ive ever done (i think)

    cant even explain it, but basically i went to put my sd card into my wii, was a bit hungover, wasnt concentrating, still doesnt justify it.....and ive stuck it in the dvd slot of the wii.

    its not a major major major problem as i rarely play anything from disc but still...

    how can i possibly get it out?

    ive tried unplugging and shaking. sticking a knife in.

    ive put discs in and they go in and out, but they dont work so it must be blocking something.

    any ideas?

    EDIT managed to get it out by taking off the front panel and sticking a knife in and scooping it out. however think ive buggered the drive in doing so as i can stick discs in fine now but the machine freezes when i do so. hey ho, thank god for usb
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