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    Oct 11, 2011
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    Today, cause Crystal made a thread, I will make helpful guide which is blatently and shamelessly copied... on how to DinohScene. Using this guide, you may one day Dino, like I do. I hope this helpful.

    First: Be a little shota.
    Second: Be obsessed with Cat Noir. If your life isn't consumed by the obsession of Cat Noir, then you must be a shota.
    Third: Shotas are important for plot.
    Fourth: Your sexuality must be set to homosexuality and homosexuality alone.
    Five: Watch Miraculous and be awesome because you are most likely high or drunk or because fuck you that's why.
    Six: Become an Xbox or a shota, because gaems.
    Seven: Own too much shota.
    Eight: Only use Cat Noir as your background on anything that can have a background. If you don't, you're scrub.
    Nine: Keep your laptop on 24/7 because Cat Noir.
    Ten: Use Scale of Shotas to measure lewdiness of things.
    and finally 11: Spend so much time on Temp, that you are most likely 2/3 of their ad revenue.

    With these simple steps, you too will one day be DinohScene
    In lewdiness we trust

    Don't hate me sis :ph34r:
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