How much do you think this setup is worth?

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    Summer is coming up, so I've been looking around for gaming setups for a reasonable price (with a smart mind, not buying overpriced) and then upgrading in the near future. I came across this setup on craigslist but I wanted your guys opinion before I made my offer:

    win 7
    mother board is a ga-890gpa-ud3h gaming board with 3 pci express slots ($150.00)
    ram is ddr 3 4 gigs (?)
    processor is a amd phenom ii x4 965 4 cpus 3.4 ghz quad core ($110.00)
    display says its a amd radeon hd 6900 3825 ddr 5 ram video card ($300.00)
    power supply is a700 watt fsp group power supply (?)
    hard drive is a ssd drive all ram baised and i have a second 300 gig hd (?)
    comes with a multilayer burner and gaming case (?)
    the lcd is a 40 in rca with wall mount. i run it as a monitor ( he says 50" but im not interested in it) ($700.00)

    I went around online checking prices for these parts individually and this is what I found above, and some I wasn't able to find. The guy's asking for $2000 combined with the monitor/tv so if I factor out the T.V. and consider that he's had this setup or its in used condition, the second hdd I won't need (Wonder if he's able to compromise lol)
    I'd give this setup $700-850? Might sound low but seems right, whatcha guys think?

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    I forgot
    How big is the SSD?

    Also, if you're looking for a gaming PC I'd stay away from AMD CPUs, they tend to overheat quickly and Intel is said to have better performance. Instead of buying from craigslist I suggest going on Newegg and just building your own. Chances are it'll be cheaper and possibly even better compared to that build.
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    For the second hand price, chop off a third. If the seller is a smoker or has pets, make that half.

    RAM New is around $40 or less.
  4. Magsor

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    Dec 1, 2010
    phenom x4 965 is not that good i would not be satisfied paying 850 for that rig and he will not be happy if your paying 700$... Those deals are not to be done if neither party are satisfied...
  5. chains_of_androm

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    May 8, 2012
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    $500 max.