how much is my computer worth...?

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    alright, so my dad wants to buy my computer mainly because it's for his work and he needs a new one .
    he said that since i spent my money on this computer , he is willing to pay me back for the same price i paid for .
    but it is used and the price of parts went down . so since i have absolutely no sense of pricing things, i was wondering if you guys could help me price the computer:

    CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE [clocked @ 3.1GHz] []
    Mobo: Biostar TA790GX 128M []
    RAM: OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 800MHz []
    PSU: OCZ GameXStream 850W []
    Case: Cooler Master Elite 334 NV Edition []
    GPU: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB []

    Harddrives, we are just switching them and Optical Drive, doesn't matter much. i think we are just gonna settle a small price like $10 to $30 depending on how the whole computer is priced at. so yeah, he was also thinking of buying a AMD Phenom II X4 CPU, but then i brought up the thoughts of unlocking the other two cores... i just haven't thought about doing it yet and also, i am not sure if i should risk losing CPU Temperature Monitor.
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    A rough guestimate, around $380-400 for the listed parts. As a rule of thumb, "used" parts tend to sell 10-40% lower than retail value. Naturally the most valuable part listed is the graphics card.