how do I make it so that I own a transfered mii.

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    Jul 27, 2007
    I've recently bought a new black Nintendo Wii, and I transferred all my save files and one Mii that I particularly use for those save files(Mario Galaxy for example, which is a real copy btw). However, I have one game/channel that won't load unless I have a Mii that I created(I did create the Mii) using the black Nintendo Wii, so my question is how do I make it so that the Wii is the creator of the Mii(not literally being the creator)so that I don't have to have 2 of the same Mii's.

    I have homebrew channel setup and everything, so instruct away!
    (btw, I have this posted in the "game help" section merely because this is more of a game related issue rather than hardware hacking or anything of that type)