Henkaku - Ways to disable/delete the trophies won?

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  1. RenegadeKid

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Hi everyone,

    Even though Sony hasn't banned anyone using Henkaku and Rejuvenate, I would like to know please if there's a way to disable or delete the trophies won when playing dumped games so that I can connect to my PSN without being afraid of being banned. The molecular shell would pop up when using Henkaku online.

    Thank you !
  2. VitaType

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    Jul 16, 2016
    You either can edit ur0:user/00/trophy/db/trophy_local.db to remove individual trophies (use a sqlite editor) or what I recommend, just delete trophy_local.db (this will remove all local stored trophies, but the trophies you already synced with PSN won't will be deleted from PSN)
    Don't start a dumped game in which you already won a trophy after deleting this file and before accessing PSN ;)
    Also you may want to use the history deleter before accessing PSN as well.

    Edit: I totaly forgot that you really should delete the subfolders of your pirate games in ur0:user/00/trophy/data as well (or the whole data folder, once you start the trophy program everything needed will be recreated)!
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