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    I need help from any and all Italian speaking TEMPers out there. I need a translation of this song:

    It's a great song, and I'd like to know what it means (I'm also a big fan of Dylan Dog, but that's besides the point). But there's more. Once upon a time, I'd been learning Italian (for several years, in fact), but most of it's gone now. That's another reason I'd like to know what it says: everything is right there on the edge of comprehension, but it's eluding me and it's driving me mad. [​IMG]

    If I got it right, it starts like this:

    Oh my beautiful,
    I'm going away,
    But I'm not taking you with me.
    There is a voyage that everyone takes alone
    Because it's not a short one,
    Because it has no destination.

    ...and that's as far as I get, before hitting a wall. After that I understand only (tiny) fragments here and there.

    So... help?

    Thank you [​IMG]