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Hi. I'm at my wit's end here and hoping someone can shed some light.

Some details:
-I'm on REBUG 4.81.
-I used PSP2PS3 v2.1.2 to convert a couple of games to .pkg format. The games were DJMAX Black Square and Final Fantasy 1. Both are known to work according to the compatibility chart.
-I just used whatever the default settings were for the conversion (didn't change anything or check any unchecked boxes)

The games boot and play just fine, but after a few minutes the graphics start flickering. It starts as just a few sections of the screen, but as time goes on, the flikering gets worse and worse. The game gets really hard to look at in about 2 minutes from when the glitching started.

Is there something I need to do during the conversion process or a CFW setting I need to change before running PSP games? I get the feeling there's a small error I've made somewhere that's causing this.
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