1. lolypopmaster11

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    Oct 5, 2018
    so i traded 2ds for an r4 and a ds lite when i got home exited i dowlaoded games on it and everythin when well until i tried to install an emulator on it dumb like i am i didint make a backup when i started my ds there was only "loading... " so i tried fixing it by removing the emu didint work i tried changing the kernel file i tried formating i also followed a lot of tutorials even in spanish and i dont speak spanish i tried countless amount of kernel file for this r4 pretty much all of them gave me an "loading..." i tried on my other 2ds and to my suprise "loading..." i will mention that i did change my date to a few years back and also that when i put it in its sponge bob game and not the normal rider what ever it is
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