Help with NTFS and USB Loader Gx

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    Well without access to an SD card reader (long story) this is what happened. I had an old 320 seagate ultra portable drive. It worked fine, but as i added more games, older ones got corrupted. Long story short, it got a little busted up, i sent it in for warranty, and to my delight they send me back a 500 gig ultra portable. Only problem is, i get some more backups, i try to load them. With forcing NTSC, or auto patch, or console default, and ios 249 and 222, i get a simple black screen as soon as i load. Then i'm forced to hold down power and try again. I'm currently trying to partition the drive into WBFS and NTFS instead of simply just the one NTFS partition. But can anyone help me figure out whats going on? Also, these games worked before. And one of the games i've recently tried is infact NTSC by default, so not sure what the problem is. Also, unlike my old drive, this new one cannot rip games straight from the wii to the drive, i now get an "installation error".

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    You should format the drive as one big FAT32 partition, make sure you have Hermes 222 v4 and/or cIOS 249 rev17 (I believe, I use the Hermes) - then you can run GX r938 unless you have other problems.