[HELP] O3DSXL A9LH possible SD issue

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    I Have a o3ds xl that has been on a9lh for some time, I think I had this problem before the a9lh was added which is one of the reasons I switched to a9lh as I thought the "100% boot" would help.

    Basically sometimes when I power on my 3ds it shows the power light for like a second and then turns off. From what I can tell it means the sd card can't be read or can't find the .bin to load
    after a few times it may stay on but stay black. I usually have to eject my sd card and reinsert it. I have taken apart the 3ds and cleaned out the sd card reader, all the pins and connectors look fine, but I still get about 10-20% failure when booting.

    Does any one have any advice?

    [EDIT]Also I never have any issues with sd card or freezing once booted so I am not sure the issue is a loose connection of sorts
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