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    Feb 18, 2014
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    Hello All,

    I am using dasding's mod tools to convert wavs to mcas for MHGen.


    However I am running into distortion issues with what it seems to be more so under mids frequencies and some bass frequencies. I am no expert in working with audio files, but I have tried to following and have been unsuccessful in correcting the distortion problem.

    Changing WAV bitrate - Even matching the converted mca bitrate from original files. Tho this seems to have helped some, but not fully
    Lowering dbs for mid and bass frequencies, really no effect
    Lowering treble and bass db, only tested with lowering them by 5db, but any lower would really affect its quality

    Did test converting to mca then back to wav to see if the conversion process is causing it, but it isn't, its how the 3DS plays the tracks.

    My sources files are MP3s from the wild, I tried to use source files extracted from the corresponding games, MHFU and MHP3rd, but those wavs are either too old types or not really wavs and are unusable. I could also try recording raw audio data from my PSP, but there are limitations to some of the tracks I want to use, IE: cannot mute SFX in MHFU.

    Thanks in advance!
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