Guide to extract MIDI and SF2 from ACNL


May 17, 2022
Hellooo, after a day of looking up how to do this i decided to make a guide so in the future i don't have to remember all of this stuff again (yes i did this 2-3 years ago and then <puff>... forgot everything), this thread helped me for the most part so huge thanks to everyone there

With that said let's start
  1. We Make a Dump of Animal Crossing New Leaf (Either with godmode9 or Citra), we should end up with a romfs folder and on "../Sound/GardenSound.bcsar" there is all the stuff we need
  2. With caesar we just drag and drop "GardenSound.bcsar" on "caesar.exe".
  3. Done! Sequenced files are already converted to midi and sf2 :grog: WIth the help of citric-composer you can track down eventual unnamed SF2 files by just looking up the File ids (i'm sorry for this image, this should explain)
    Screenshot 2022-05-17 061419.png

is a great tool but if you happen to have unaccurate SF2s here's another way to extract them (using SF2Comp):
  1. With 3DSUSoundArchiveTool (Source or Already compiled) we extract "GardenSound.bcsar" just like with caesar. Basically we end up with .TXTs ready to be compiled with their respective .BCWAVs to form fresh SF2s. (.BCWAVs are basically WAVs, we will convert them later).
  2. SF2Comp is designed to compile and decompile .SF2s, it just needs the .TXT to be in a folder with all of its .WAVs file, to know which .WAVs a .TXT needs we just open the .TXT and look up every "SampleName" values under the section "[Samples]".
    Screenshot 2022-05-17 071055.png
  3. .BCWAV can be converted to WAV with EveryFileExplorer (under "Convert" > "Video Games Audio Formats Convert WAV(Use vgmstream")
  4. If everything is set up right SF2Comp compiling should produce an SF2 file, Enjoy!
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